Friday, April 06, 2007

CafePress store "Grand Opening!"

Blue Bird @ Blackwater NWR, MD

I setup an account on and opened a few of the free shops. The free ones are pretty limited. There are a variety of product templates (like a mousepad, or journal, or mini-poster) but you can only have a single product of each type per free shop.

This limit means to have two mousepads (ie two different images on a mousepad) you need to open two free shops! I've opened 3 free shops so far, and you can view all the products together at this url:,nikographer2,Nikographer3.

If I get anything sold I will most likely upgrade to a pro-shop where the single product limit is removed.

I've set the markups pretty low (a couple bucks) on all the stuff except the small and large posters, which are marked up about 60-100% of the cost of the poster to me...

I hope this takes off, but in the world of millions of photographers, I wonder if there's much demand. We'll see.


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