Monday, April 09, 2007

Maryland Bald Eagle (s)

Bald Eagle @ Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, MD


I've been on the hunt for Bald Eagles now for about a year. I like in Maryland, not too far from Washington D.C. I know about a handful of locations where there eagles, practically in every direction! Great Falls to the west, Mason Neck to the south, Centennial Lake and Conowingo Dam to the north, and Blackwater and the rest of the eastern shore to the east...

Here are a bunch of shots from 2006-2007, roughly my first year trying to photograph bald eagles, these are almost all from Maryland (MD):

Two Bald Eagles (1) @ Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland
Double Eagle @ Blackwater NWR, Maryland
Eagle in Flight @ Blackwater, Maryland
Bald Eagle @ Great Falls National Park, Maryland
Inbound Eagle @ Conowingo Dam Maryland (+Paparazzi)
Bald Eagle @ Centennial Lake, Maryland
Splish-Splash - Eagles take a bath in the Potomac @ Great Falls Maryland - 1 [2] 3 4
Bald Eagle w/ Catfish @ Great Falls, Maryland
Eagle over marsh @ Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle gets his Prey
Bird of Prey with Prey of Bird
Eagle fly-by
Mating Bald Eagles @ Blackwater - Merry Christmas
Home Sweet Home
Bald Eagle @ Conowingo Dam, MD
Eagle Grab
Bald Eagle in MD w/ Fish
"Catch of the Day" Redux
Lunch Time
Happy Thanksgiving
Time to Prey


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