Thursday, September 27, 2007

Great Falls National Park, September 2007

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I visited Great Falls National Park a bunch of times in September 2007.

Going exclusively to the Maryland side for over a year, I worked the overlook with some new ideas, and captured some new things. I combined the motion blur of the water falls using a long exposure, while also capturing a near motionless Great Blue Heron for some neat results...
Ying and Yang
Great (Falls) Blue Heron

I also took a handful of sunset photos, and even witnessed a rescue of a kayaker that had dislocated their shouldered while having fun on the river.

Great Falls, MD
Great Falls (MD/VA) Kayaker Rescue - 9/18/2007 w/ animation

Then I decided to check out the Virginia side of the Falls and I was really impressed. Here are a couple of HDR's from the Virginia side.

Great Falls / Potomac River

In Search Of...................

-Nikographer / Jon

Tioga - Bald Eagle

Originally uploaded by Nikographer [Jon]
A few shots of Tioga, the male bald eagle at the US National Zoo (



In search of my own Wet Head.........

Eagles at the National Zoo.