Thursday, September 27, 2007

Great Falls National Park, September 2007

Originally uploaded by Nikographer [Jon]
I visited Great Falls National Park a bunch of times in September 2007.

Going exclusively to the Maryland side for over a year, I worked the overlook with some new ideas, and captured some new things. I combined the motion blur of the water falls using a long exposure, while also capturing a near motionless Great Blue Heron for some neat results...
Ying and Yang
Great (Falls) Blue Heron

I also took a handful of sunset photos, and even witnessed a rescue of a kayaker that had dislocated their shouldered while having fun on the river.

Great Falls, MD
Great Falls (MD/VA) Kayaker Rescue - 9/18/2007 w/ animation

Then I decided to check out the Virginia side of the Falls and I was really impressed. Here are a couple of HDR's from the Virginia side.

Great Falls / Potomac River

In Search Of...................

-Nikographer / Jon


The Marshall's said...

I really love your photography. I have seen your talent grow.

Chris said...

Hi there,

I was doing a google image search for some of my photos and came across your slow shutter speed Great Blue Heron. That technique is one of my favorite things to do at Great Falls ... and in the summer there are certainly a ton of herons there. If you would like to see one of my takes on it check out this link:

Also, I visit Great Falls NP (mostly VA side) pretty regularly ( live in Northern VA). I actually just made a post about it on my most recent blog post. You can find that here if you wish:

Anyways, really cool shots (The 2nd is my favorite). Check out my blog if you wish ... I'll be checking back in here from time to time. Take care!

Chris Kayler