Thursday, July 10, 2014

First half of 2014 Flickr

Here's what I posted on flickr for the first half of the year.

Osprey Chick, MD
Luke and Cubs

Whoo's Home


Maine Osprey [1] 2

Maine Osprey 1 [2]

American Kestrel, Cape May NJ

Maine Ferry


RWBB's [1] 2

RWBB's 1 [2]

MD Osprey

Sunset w/ Osprey

Blackwater NWR, MD

MD Osprey


Sunrise Ferry, Casco Bay Maine

...With Catch

Baltimore Oriole in Washington D.C.

Baltimore Oriole

Digging In

Great Egret w/ Snack @ Sanibel Island, FL

White Ibis @ FL


MD Osprey

Barred Owl on the hunt

Barred Owls at Corkscrew

Barred Owls up a tree.

A Dry Chincoteague View

FL Osprey

Ft Myers Osprey

Color Sunrise

BW Sunrise

FL Osprey

It's Good To Be The King

Reddish Egret @ Tigertail Beach, FL

Spoonbill @ Merritt Island, Florida

Clean Landing @ JNDD NWR

Burrowing Owl

Tricolored Heron

Sandhill Crane Chick in FL


Snowy Owl in NJ

Great Falls w/ Polar Vortex In Effect

Trees and Beams

Are my fans ready?

Bao Bao


MD Osprey Chicks

Diving Osprey

Chesapeake Bay Bridge, MD

Judgement Day

Maine Snowy



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