Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nikographer 1h2009 - mid year update

I just worked on my mid-year review at my day job so I thought I'd look back on my photography from the first half of the year as well.

An easy first thing to do is look at what Scout found.

Here's what is currently in flickr Explorer:

That's 12 shots from 2009 currently in. 5 are fox photos - 3 from Bombay Hook and one from a 2009 secret osprey spot, and one from last year at Blackwater Refuge. Another is an Osprey from my secret osprey spot, a paddler at Great Falls, a Black-crowned Night Heron from the DC Zoo, Snow Geese from Bombay Hook, A GBH from Blackwater, Kibibi and Mandara from the DC Zoo and finally the rocket bus from the Patuxant Naval Air Station Air Show / Expo.

From those stats I'm happy that a couple of spots that are new to me in 2009 have resulted in some photos that were liked by others, and trickled up via's Explorer.

This is the secret osprey spot's Osprey shot:

And here's another from a new/secret spot of a mother fox - she was with her 4 kits pretty well hidden when I spotted them. She walked across a little road and then in to the field and stopped to look back at me a couple of times:

I am not happy about having "secret spots", but a crowd can ruin things. And I don't just mean that shots might not be unique because of other photographers. It is really not that at all- it is that when out alone at a nature/wildlife spot exploring or watching you can see more and disturb less.

When I run in to people that I know, or am about to get to know, it is natural to talk and shoot the breeze and pass the time. But at some point I often catch myself, and want to shoot more and talk less.

What else about 2009?

I shot the 4th of July in Washington D.C. for just the second time. I've been around DC now for over 10 years. Around 10am I met up with Clyde at Roosevelt Island. We wandered around DC all day and then around 5pm settled in to a spot along the Potomac River's VA side just up from the Memorial Bridge:
Happy Birthday America!

I took a ton of shots, and the day was too long, but I am super glad I went and made parking and the logistics a done deal by going so early. In 2006 when I shot before I got to the river late and was forced to a non-ideal spot down river from the airport/ DCA.
4th of July Fireworks - Washington DC (7/4/2006)

What else for 2009?

I got the grip for my D200/Fuji S5 and ALSO got a grip and uber battery for my D300. The grips add a nice chunk of weight which adds balance/inertia, and also make battery life on a single day a non issue if fully charged to start.

And I've sent my D300 back for repair of focusing/sharpness AGAIN. I had issues with focus going slow and not locking on birds, tried my d200 the next day and it performed much better so - realized that the d300 was acting up again.

This shot should really have been sharper, and other shots were missed due to trying to lock focus.
MD Osprey

This on the other hand shot with my D200 looks way better!
MD Osprey 6 of 6 - handheld D200

What else for the first half of 2009?

The BCNH's at the DC Zoo have a dark side.

A long drive on a snowy day is worth it if you plan and gamble right.

Left to Right is better than Right to Left - thanks Wayne ;).

I did finally get a good shot of a Baltimore Oriole!

I discovered this multipanel thing on flickr and posted some of my own multi-post images...

*Ok. I might come back and update this, but for now that's a good post.

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