Monday, October 16, 2006

Eagle Injury and Rescue @ Conowingo Dam - 10/15/2006 - 6 of 6

Once on dry land, we took a look, he was exhausted for sure, and barely moved

Today was my first trip to Conowingo Dam, in Maryland, and it was quite a place. So many eagles, and some really great chances to photograph them

However, this particular drama was not so fun to see. This adult eagle must have hit the power lines, and spiraled down in to the water. It must have broken a wing or something. It couldn't get back out. It made many attempts to fly, but just couldn't.

Eagle Injury and Rescue @ Conowingo Dam - 10/15/2006 - 2 of 6

It was floating down the river, and eventually made it out of the water on to some rocks probably 1,000 or more yards from where it hit the water.

He was joined by some other eagles, and they guarded him I supposed. But after a while, they left him, and I thought he was a goner.

But he held on.

DNR was called and some hours later they showed up with a boat and the eagle was rescued!

About a dozen people helped launch the boat due to the low water levels, and also assisted recovering the boat. I chipped in too.

It was sad to see, watching the eagle struggle so much, but in the end he was saved, and could even one day return to the river (depending on the extent of his injuries, I really don't know.)


See my "photo essay" in Voice in the Wilderness, with the above text and a little more, with the images inserted.

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